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Trojan Project (Glenrothes High School) in Scotland.

This project is continuing to be funded by the Foundation This term is for 15 weeks and is supported by 2 Police Officers and the group will receive their first Youth Achievement Award.

"They are thoroughly enjoying the experience and have already found that the relationships built on the yard are carrying on into the community . A real success"  quotes Carole Wilson who organised the Trojan Project. 

A letter from one of the students:

Dear Mr. Faurie,

Hello, my name is Stephanie Grandison. Iam part of a Youth Achievement Award Project in Glenrothes High School. Every week on a Friday we go up to Kinshady Riding Stables . I enjoy it very much. I love working with horses abd the other animals. This would not have been possible for me to do if it were not for your generous sponsorship. Shaun who was on the first group of horse riding has now made a life for himself and if it wasn't for our teacher Mrs Wilson and your time and generous funds he wouldn't have a full time paid job. It really did get him out of trouble! Martin a boy that was also on the first group of people has now made it through to college in Edinburgh to work with small animals.  Emile you have done that and we all appreciate everything and I and the rest of the group would really like to meet you one day!

I hope we can meet you it would be an honour to meet the man that has changed so many life's already.

Please write back.

Yours sincerely 

Stephanie Grandison.

This letter really says it all .The wonderful impact the Foundations work is having and Emile is hoping to change many children's lives for the better by funding their riding projects BUT WE NEED YOUR SUPPORT THROUGH DONATIONS PLEASE!!

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