• Sarah Woodjetts


Now 2012 is upon us it is hoped to mantain funding for all the EFF Projects. We have 9 projects part funded with the BEF which is a great help but still need to reach a target of at least £50.000 to keep this years going, we also have 2 new projects we hope to fund in Bolton and London but do need continued support from you to do this. Our Friends of the EFF is growing steadily but would urge to join if you have not already done so (details on website.) Any fund raising would be great thanks to the Quorn Pony Club and Euro Bale who recently sent in £300 from an event. Emile is also very grateful to the generous private donations that the Foundation has received. It is hoped to hold another Equestrian Art Exhibition towards the end of this year and we are currently looking for sponsors so if anyone would be interested please contact us. Many thanks and all the best for 2012.

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