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Press Release CBBC TV: My Life - Never Give UP 17th Feb 2016 5.10pm

MY LIFE – NEVER GIVE UP, FEBRUARY 17th 2016  CBBC  5.10pm This programme will be immediately available on catch up TV for those that miss the screening.  The programme follows one of the Foundations pupils K. K lives in Salford, Manchester in an area known for having significant social challenges. In addition to growing up in an under privileged environment K suffers from ADHD and has been excluded from school for the last four years. Two years ago K made contact with horses at Ryders’ Farm and found his sanctuary.  He immediately bonded with the horses and was encouraged to approach the Emile Faurie Foundation for funding to support his dream of riding.  The programme makers visited the stables and immediately noticed Kand were so taken by his story and the passion he has developed they wanted to showcase the progress that this lad had made and the difference the Foundation has made to this one life.  The programme includes filming K at Emile’s yard and spending time with Emile; he even had the opportunity to ride one of his horses! The programme highlights Emile speaking about the effect contact with horses has on these young peoples’ lives and how it makes a real difference to their self-esteem, confidence and connection to the world.  The Foundation continues to work hard to help and try to enrich these childrens’ lives through contact with horses.  www.emilefauriefoundation.org.uk

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