• Sarah Woodjetts

Camilla Parker Bowles presents awards to Ebony Riding Club, Sept 11th 2008

Emile Faurie recently attended an Awards Ceremony in Brixton for the Ebony Riding Club. Emiles Foundation recently paid for the club to have a terms riding lessons providing much needed funding to keep riding available for over 60 children.

Camilla Parker Bowles attended the ceremony and presented the children with their awards and afterwards meet Emile and spoke enthuastically about the club and their project to build their own centre in Brixton. Emile also had the opprtunity to talk with Tessa Joule MP for the London Olympics in 2012.

The Ceremony was very moving at times and raised awareness of the difficulties these children and the community face and what a difference being able to be involved with horses can make to their lives. Emile hopes to be able to continue funding their lessons through 2009 and support their project for their own centre.

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