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Helping The Children

All Schools and Youth Projects can approach the EFF for funding……..

Schools can send groups of 10 or 12 children each week during term-time, for a course of lessons at selected BHS approved riding establishments. These courses cover the care of the animals, as well as riding instruction and an introduction to the variety of competitive sports involving horses. Up to 20 children ride each week with the school changing groups throughout the term. The EFF does not want any child to have to stop riding once they have started so some of the projects now have 2 groups riding each week!

The children experience the fun and freedom of horse riding, and gain a real sense of achievement having mastered the challenge of learning to ride or care for the ponies they meet.

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"It’s fun because you get to go fast and it helps me with my anger and it teaches me how to respect things"

Tommy Aged 11